│Introduction of instructor 

付兰英 Fu Lan Ying
Head of Instruction,Zhuhai Golf Club.
Born in 1972.
Admitted to the Zhuhai Athlete School in 1984 .
Received weight-lifting training during 1986-1989.
First learnt golf in 1990.
Won First Competition in 1993.
Turned Pro in 1999.
Member of the China Golf Association.

1993 Second Runner-Up of National Golf Championship
1994 Champion of China Open
1994~1996 As a member of the China National Team played in various golf tournaments held in Indonesia,Thailand and Japan.
1996 First Runner-Up of China National Championship
1997 Champion of Guangdong Open Championship
1999 Qualified as China PGA
2002 Ranked 9th in the China PGA Tour
2006 Ranked 20th in the China PGA Tour


Indivisual Lesson


One lesson (=one hour each)

8 Lessons 15 Lessons
Member RMB250/ person RMB1800/ person RMB3000/ person
Visitor RMB400/ person RMB2880/ person RMB4800/ person

 ☆10% discount will be offered for lesson taken by two persons.
 ☆Upon completion of the program(I.e.,Eight lessons or 15 Lessons)
  ,a complimentary 9 holes on-course instruction will be provided.

    Member Visitor
Driving Range 1 Person RMB¥250/hour RMB¥400/hour
2 Persons RMB¥150/hour RMB¥250/hour
3 and more Persons RMB¥100/hour RMB¥150/hour
Accompany somebody on playing 1 Person RMB¥500/9 holes RMB¥800/9 holes
2 and more persons RMB¥150/9 holes RMB¥400/9 holes



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