│ 2017 Tariff for Application of Membership & Point card │


│★ A life Membership│
  A.New Membership
  Individual Membership                   :RMB¥238,000
Corporate Membership(1 Nominee) : RMB¥238,000
  B. Membership Transfer (Individual / Corporate of 1 Nominee)

1. Debenture Certificate
2. Membership transfer application form
3. Old member(transfer)  :Member card, bag tag
4. New member(transfer) :Application form
5. New member(transfer) :Individual: HK I.D. Card or passport copy;
                                             Corporate: Copy of Business Registration Certificate;
                                             Nominee's HK I.D. Card or psspor copy
6. New member(transfer):2Photos
7. Trasfer fee                    :RMB¥50,000

  C.Change of nominee(corporate membership):

1. Letter with the seal & signature of the representative of company
2. Application form
3. Application for change of nominee
4. Old member  :Membership card, bag tag
5. New member :HK I.D. card or Passport copy
6. New member :2Photos
7. Transfer fee   :RMB¥6,000 /Person

  D. Others:
  1.Annual Fee:Individual/Corporate -RMB¥6,000/Person
                    :Couple - RMB¥11,000/Couple (Member RMB¥6,000;Spouse RMB¥5,000)
       :Overseas -Free
       :Absent Member -Free
2.Re-issue of Deposit Certificate: - RMB¥2,500/sheet
3.Re-issue of member card: - RMB¥350/card


*If pay the fee above by HKD,the Club will charge with fixed exchange rate RMB:HKD=1:1.18.
*All outstanding bills should be settled before submit the application form of transfer.
*All cheque should be crossed and payable to Zhuhai Golf Company, and seng to our Hong Kong office.


  │★Annual Membership│

1.Membership fee:RMB¥23,800/ Person
2.Effective period as a member:Valid for one year
3.Annual Fee :Free
4.Handicaps of the club is obtainable
5.Transfer or misuse of the memberships is prohibited
6.There is no qualify for the club competition
7.Other subjects comform to Zhuhai Golf Club regualations


  │★  Point card│

1. Point card print score at day that you come to pay
2. Expiry date is 2 years from the day you get the card
3. If you lose the card, We can not supply again
4. For every RMB¥100 you spend in Zhuhai Golf Club, We'll award you with 1 point
5. Issue fee   member:free, visitor:RMB¥30
6. Points is rewarded by only your consume
7. Gateway to more points:

  extra points points
1 Weekday 1.5 times more points
2 Take part in the club competition 3 points
3 1st prize of the competition 3 points
4 2nd prize of the competition 2 points
5 3rd prize of the competition 1 points


8.Exchange points for the tickets

points A.Ticket for Zhuhai Golf Club B.Ticket for cooperative golf shop
100 ¥500 ¥400
200 ¥1000 ¥800
300 ¥1500 ¥1200
400 ¥2000 ¥1600
500 ¥2500 ¥2000
1000 ¥5000 ¥4000
2000 ¥10000 ¥8000

Please ask us if there are any points you feel are unclear.

Copyight:Zhuhai Golf Club
Phone:0756-3311673 3311173 3311674 Fax:0756-3311174